I’ve been developing charts with Highcharts for around 1 year now. It is a great charting engine and very easy to use so I highly recommend it!

draggable-points Module

One of the modules that I use in some of my graphs is the draggable-points. This module allows to drag and drop points around the graph allowing the user to have a visual input. That small circle at the end of the bar is a visual guidance telling the user that the bar is draggable. Draggable-points example

The problem

While working on my current project I found a problem where the user wasn’t allowed to change a value when the value was at its maximum. In the image below you can see that the small circle is not shown therefore the value can’t be changed. Problem

The workaround

I came up with a workaround by adding a small delta to the y-axis maximum value and setting the endOnTick property to false.

yAxis: {
    min: 0,
    // max: 10,                     // Problem
    max: 10.1, endOnTick: false     // Workaround